• Don't do that!

    WAKUWAKU JAPAN Channel 32

    Starts 26 February, Every Sunday @6PM JKT
    A variety show that takes examples of things that you shouldn't do that people surprisingly don't know and mixes video reenactment, expert analysis, and demonstrations.

  • Big Cat Week – Return of the Lion

    National Geographic Wild Channel 43

    Premieres 17th February, Friday @6:45PM JKT
    One of Africa's smallest nations and it's is heading towards an important milestone. it's about to receive its first resident lion pride in twenty-five years. 

  • Digging Deeper- The Curse Of Oak Island (S4)

    History Channel 44

    1 & 8 February @8PM JKT
    Laginas will embark on a complicated engineering mission to go deep into the money pit. They will also undertake the challenging task of draining the infamous 10X shaft.

  • The Mentalist

    FOX Channel 26

    Every Tuesday @7:10PM JKT
    Jane and Lisbon secretly continue their dangerous mission to narrow the list of Red John suspects as they investigate the murder of a man missing for years.

  • Star Plates

    Food Network Channel 241

    Every Monday @9PM JKT
    Join A-list names as they don their aprons and take their places among the staff inside some of the most famed restaurant kitchens in the country.

  • 'Dila'

    FMN Channel 31

    Starting 15 February, Every Monday - Friday @8:10PM JKT
    Dila is a beautiful and successful young lawyer from Istanbul. Unexpectedly Dila meets Riza, without knowing that he is the man she is looking for.

  • Euromaxx- An Oscar for Europe

    DW Channel 157

    22-26 February @7:30AM JKT
    Euromaxx takes a close look at the European Oscar hopefuls. In the five-part series “An Oscar for Europe".


    HBO Channel 2

    Monday, 27 February @8:30AM JKT
    The 89th Annual Academy Awards is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year featuring the world’s most illustrious stars gathering to honour the best in cinema.

  • The Lion Guard

    Disney Junior Channel 62

    Tuesday, 14 February From 2PM JKT
    Cuddle up with your little one and get cozy! Celebrate a very special Valentines’ Day with BRAND NEW episodes of The Lion Guard.

  • PAW Patrol

    Nick jr. Channel 67

    Sunday, 19 February @2:10PM JKT
    It’s Friendship Day in Adventure Bay and the pups are busy making new friends, sending cards and cakes to all their friends in the city!

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